ZenPet Hock Wrap for Dogs

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Give your pal the support he needs to help him move more comfortably with the HandicappedPets Rear Leg Dog Hock Wrap. Designed to fit the natural shape of your dog’s rear legs, it’s ideal to provide support while he’s recovering from a sprain or injury. It’s also perfect for elderly pups with uncomfortable joint conditions such as arthritis. Made of soft, comfortable neoprene, it’s ultra-wearable for everyday use ―and because it’s specially designed for the hock joint, or doggie ankle―it supports from all angles to allow natural, strain-free movement. Putting it on your pal is easy―just wrap around your dog’s rear leg with the opening over the hock joint and then fuzzy fastener securely in place. Plus, it’s available in different sizes to accommodate dogs of all breeds.

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