WalkRight !®  Front-Connect Harness - Black by Coastal

WalkRight !® Front-Connect Harness - Black by Coastal

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Walking your dog is enjoyable again with the Walk Right Padded Front Harness. Walk Right helps put an end to excessive leash pulling and yanking. Adjustable, padded harness features a leash attachment at the chest, so when your dog pulls, you can redirect his attention back to you gently - without any strain or pulling on the neck. There is also an optional leash attachment at the back of the harness, which you can use once your dog is "walking right" without pulling. Walk Right is constructed with a cool, padded chest made of nylon and neoprene for maximum comfort and security. Durable, double-stitched nylon straps are adjustable for a just-right fit. Please specify Black, Red, or Blue. Sizing for the Walk Right Harness: Measure the girth of your pet's chest, just behind the front legs.