Rugged Rubber Skull Extra Small

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Red Skull - for the Rough and Tough dogs, Made with 100% pure New Rubber.
* These Rugged toys are built to be tons of powerful fun!!
* Great for fetching, the rope helps achieve maximum throwing distance.
* This toy does NOT Squeak!
* Tuff Scale: 10
* For Dogs: Under 15 lbs
* Size: 2.5" x 2" x 3"
* Squeakers: None
* Rugged Rubber Construction: Made with 100% new rubber.
* Made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability.
* Do Not let your dog chew on the rope.
* If you do not intend to use the rope to achieve maximum throwing distance, remove all portions from the toy before allowing dogs to play with the toy.
* Warning: Your dogs safety is “Your” Responsibility.
* The Rugged Rubber Dog Toys are designed to be interactive play toys and not chew toys.
* No Part of any toy should be ingested.
* Injury may result.
* Inspect this toy for damage or cracking and, if found, replace immediately.

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Rugged Rubber Skull Extra Small
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