Frozen Raw Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats -  (No Shipping)
Frozen Raw Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats -  (No Shipping)

Frozen Raw Goats Milk for Dogs & Cats - (No Shipping)

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by Bones & Co 

The major benefit of giving your dog raw goat milk is that it is chalked-full of probiotics:
    “Probiotics are friendly strains of bacteria that maintain healthy levels of good bacteria in your pet’s GI tract, and also defend against opportunistic, potentially pathogenic bacteria...When your pet’s bacteria are in balance with the right amount and type of healthy bugs on board, there is symbiosis. Good things happen inside your pet’s body.

For example:  
    Vitamins are made
    Vegetable fiber is processed efficiently
    Unfriendly bacteria are kept in check
    Toxins are well-managed"
Dr. Becker (source)

Given the good bacteria and probiotics found in goat milk, the major benefits for dogs drinking this supplement include:

    Natural GI Support: mother nature’s most naturally complete food is full of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to help support healthy digestion and a healthy immune system. If you have a sick or sensitive eater, goat milk will help soothe a pet’s digestive tract and allow sensitive eaters to process their food better.

    Enhanced Hydration: goat milk, like bone broth, is great for hydration! Dogs love to slurp goat milk so you can add it to raw food or to increase hydration in dry food.

    Increased Appetite: if you have a picky eater, you can improve your eating routine by introducing goat milk! Dogs tend to love the taste...picky eaters, picky no more!

    Help For Allergies: you can use goat milk as a holistic approach to help control itching, shedding, and flaky skin caused by allergies.  

BONUS: Our goat milk also contains both turmeric and cinnamon, adding an additional BOOST of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to the milk.

You can serve raw goat milk to your dog or cat by itself, over kibble (canned food for cats), or even as a healthy topper for raw food! Our goat milk is sold in 16 oz bottles and 32 oz bottles.

Serving suggestions:

    For pets under 20 pounds, serve them 2 oz of goat milk a day.

    For pets between 20-40 pounds, serve them 4 oz of goat milk a day.

    For pets between 50-80 pounds, feed them 8 oz of goat milk a day.

    For pets 80+ pounds, feed them 10 oz a day.

Note: goat milk is intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding for dogs and cats. This means that while goat milk itself is not a complete and balanced meal, it can be added daily to a complete and balanced meal for additional nutrients. Goat milk can be fed daily up to 20% of your pup or cat’s daily diet.

Our raw goat milk comes frozen, so be sure to thaw the milk in the fridge before serving. In the fridge, serve within 10 days after thawing to avoid spoiling.