Ultralight Dog Carrier, Black
Ultralight Dog Carrier, Black

Ultralight Dog Carrier, Black

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Introducing the PocoPet - the packable pet carrier that fits in your pocket, for everyday adventures with your BFF!

Around town, on the trail or on the go, The PocoPet Ultralight Pet Carrier clips to your leash for those "just in case" moments with your furry BFF.

Next time your pup gets tired on a walk, or it's too hot to leave them in the car while you pop into a store, or you need to take public transportation, simply pop your pet into their PocoPet and continue on your way!

The compact size means it's always there when you need it - and practically disappears when you don't. No more lugging around heavy, bulky pet carriers... the PocoPet is your new best friend for taking good care of your best friend.

Tough ripstop nylon
Adjustable shoulder strap (expands from 24" - 48")
Mesh ventilation panel
Internal collar clip
Treat pocket
Convenient storage carabiner
Weight: 2.5 ounces
Designed for pets up to 15 pounds and 12″ from chest to rear