Tippy Peak Cat House

Tippy Peak Cat House

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By Petique Pet and Pets

Pet and Pets Tippy Peak Eco Pet House is great for cats and other small animals. With not just one, but MULTIPLE fun scratch boards through and all around the house, your pets will be able to fulfill their natural scratching needs and tendencies. Made with quality and love, our sustainable houses are non-toxic and safe if accidentally consumed. We care about the safety of your pets and the planet.

Very sturdy and easy to build
Easy to move around compared to the ones made of wood
Big enough to accommodate several cats or small dogs
Cardboard is recycled and compressed to form strong panels
Comes with multiple scratch boards

Care Instructions

For pets only
Keep in a dry area
Do not rinse or wash, the cardboard will warp and soften
Do not expose to heat or open flame
Place the product on a leveled floor or ground for stability
Do not allow children to climb or play inside the house to prevent possible danger
Pat dry when wet