Fish Cat Scratch Board

Fish Scratch Board by Petique is safe, non-toxic, and fun. Let's get scratchin'! The patent-pending scratch board can save quite a bit of money and waste for our customers and our environment. With the long lasting reversible panels in our scratch boards extends the product life, making this scratch board very cost-effective.

Most scratch boards are thrown away into the garbage after usage and only some will go to recycle. But if there is a compost option, this product can go straight to the compost pile and back to the earth without releasing any toxins. It is very safe to the environment and very safe for animals and humans.

100% eco-friendly materials to protect your pets and the planet
Food grade cardboard
No tools needed
Light and sturdy
Plant based glue that attracts cats
Reversible and replaceable scratch strips to reduce waste


15"L X 4.5"W X 1.18" H