Kitty Corner Cat Scratcher by Petique

Kitty Corner Cat Scratcher by Petique

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Petique's Kitty Corner Cat Scratcher is your furniture savior! You'll get 2 cat scratcher's designed to help safeguard your furniture against your scratch-happy cats. Don’t discourage scratching, redirect it! Encourage healthy scratching behavior for cats and kittens while protecting your valuable possessions. For cat owners who don’t have room for a scratching post, the Kitty Corner Cat Scratcher is our enticing alternative solution. Simply attach the cat scratcher to any corner of your furniture and watch them go!

Most cat scratchers are thrown away into the garbage after usage and only some will go to recycle. But if there is a compost option, this product can go straight to the compost pile and back to the earth without releasing any toxins. It is very safe to the environment, animals and humans.

Our cardboard and paper products are sourced responsibly from a Forest Stewardship Council accredited supplier, which ensures most minimum negative impact to our environment. While they are manufactured in Taiwan, they are always tested and inspected in the USA. We work with an accredited and prestigious USA testing facility. We hold our products to the highest of standards and use premium materials.

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