Liver Rescue for pets by Homeopet

Liver Rescue for pets by Homeopet

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Drive out All Toxins from Your Pet's System
HomeoPet Cleanz Detox is a great detoxifying formula that's designed to remove accumulated toxins from your pet's body. Feed the liquid twice daily for 3 weeks (dose by weight) to get the desired results.

HomeoPet Cleanz Detox

Effective detoxifying liquid
100% natural ingredients
Easy to administer
Zero side effects
This homeopathic liquid is mild, natural and removes all toxins from your pet's body that come from sources such as house sprays, yard sprays, wormers, air fresheners, food preservatives and shampoos.

A Closer Look: The liquid contains a potent mix of organic ingredients such as Astragalus, Barberry, Night-blooming Cereus, Spanish Fly, St. Mary's Thistle, Wild Yam and Club Moss. These ingredients are known for their effectiveness in providing relief from complications such as kidney pains, liver distress, acute cystitis, engorged liver, bladder problems and poor digestion.

Made Specially for: Dogs of all ages