Fermented Pig Feet for Dogs & Cats - Frozen

Fermented Pig Feet for Dogs & Cats - Frozen

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Each box contains 4 pig feet halves. No factory farming in these babies. Fermented and truly raw – this is the only product on the market like this.

This is a nutrient-rich, meaty treat that is great for oral health because it naturally scrapes the teeth for both cats and dogs. Seriously, both cats and dogs love gnawing on these tootsies.

And the best news – no factory farming here. Answers Pet Food is all sustainable farming.

Here are more details about the pig feet we sell:

• One ingredient
• Grazed, pastured and humanely-raised,
and handled
• Sustainably-raised on GAP rated farms
• Inoculated with billions of probiotics
• Fermentation provides good bacteria
• No HPP (High-Pressure Processing)
• No dehydration or freeze-drying