Earth Animal Flea and Tick Herbal Drops for pets

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Earth Animal Flea & Tick Program Herbal Drops are a natural herbal tincture that is to be used internally to eliminate pesky fleas and ticks externally. These internal drops are safe for both cats and dogs to help repel fleas and ticks. During peak season, this supplement can be doubled with the Earth Animal Herbal Internal Powder to create a double barrier pest resistant action from the inside-out. In addition to helping as a prevention, this formula can also assist the body to reduce the reaction and itching from flea bites. This tincture is often easier to disguise with kitties because of the lower amount given and can also be placed directly in the mouth rather than mixed with food. The tincture can also work with picky eaters who don't like supplements added to their food or water. Using a non-toxic flea and tick program may ultimately increase your pet's overall health.