Travel Bowls for Pets
Travel Bowls for Pets

Travel Bowls for Pets

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  • Integrated locking lid to store food.
  • Fold away locking legs for support
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Bowl portions are made of flexible BPA-free silicone
  • Packs flat
  • FREE carabiner to hang from a backpack, purse, belt loop or leash

*Lid is not water tight. Not meant to store liquids or foods with gravy.*

Best Dog Bowls for Travel

In our fast-paced world, speed and convenience are everything. That includes your dog’s world, too! Whether it’s a quick walk to the park or a long road trip in the car, feed time on the go should be just as simple as at home. With Loving Pets Bella Roma Travel Bowls, it can be! In a few steps, our bowl goes from storing dog food in a convenient-to-hold container to a bowl - either single or double - that includes legs to stand it up. That means our bowl is sturdy when it needs to be and collapsible when it doesn’t, making it the ultimate bowl. To make things easier, the Bella Roma Travel Bowl is both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Coming in blue or pink, and a single bowl or double-diner, your dog will love the chance to eat and drink on the go. Loving Pets Bella Roma Travel Bowls - the perfect bowl for making feeding time easy, fast, and convenient.

Double Diner, Pink or Blue