2" Beef Marrow Bones 3pk by Steve's

2" Beef Marrow Bones 3pk by Steve's

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Feeding, Handling, & Storage

Keep the raw bones in your freezer until you are ready to feed them. You can feed raw marrow bones frozen, which is a delightful treat on a warm day. Some dog tends to walk away and want to burry their bones so you want to keep them in an area near you. Also, monitor them to ensure they are not biting off a chunk of the bone which could be swallowed and cause irritation.

After your pet is done with the bone discard. Do not save partially eaten bones as they could harbor bacteria.
Benefits of Marrow Bones

Helps Clean Teeth
Simulates the Gums
Good Source of Calcium
Nutrient-Rich Marrow
Provides Long-Lasting Entertainment