Sit-N-Scratch Cat Scratcher
Sit-N-Scratch is the perfect economical scratching and lounging spot for cats. Cats love scratching and playing with corrugated cardboard and curling up on the textured surface to rest and relax. Ware Manufacturing Sit-N-Scratch Scratching Board for Cats.
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Petique Fish Cat Scratch Board
Fish Scratch Board by Petique is safe, non-toxic, and fun. Let's get scratchin'! The patent-pending scratch board can save quite a bit of money and waste for our customers and our environment. With the long lasting reversible panels in our...
Petique Feline Meow House
Petique's Feline Meow House Cat House makes your cats feel right at home. A place where they can sleep, groom their claws, and have guests come over for tea (or should i say, mice). With FIVE scratch boards installed throughout...
Petique The Box Eco Pet House
Pet and Pets The Box Eco Pet House are great for cats and other small animals. Our cardboard pet houses are designed to relieve anxiety and stress. With four large double sided scratch boards inside and all around the house,...
Petique Kung Fu Paw Cat Scratching Post
Hiii-Ya! Your feline friends will have a blast bringing out their inner ninja with our Kung Fu Paw scratch post. The three scratch post arms move and stimulates your cat’s natural senses. The Kung Fu Paw not only keeps your...
Petique Feline Penthouse Cat House
Feline Penthouse Cat House is designed to be safe for your pets and safe for our planet! Your feline friends will enjoy lounging on the roof or hiding out and getting cozy on the first floor. It’s sustainable, super lightweight...
Petique Feline Bungalow
Pet and Pets Bungalow Eco Pet House are great for cats and other small animals. Our cardboard pet houses are designed to relieve anxiety and stress. With four large double sided scratch boards inside and all around the house, your...
KONG CS9 Scratcher Refill for Incline and Double Cat Toy (2 Pack)
Naturally promotes appropriate instinctual scratching Premium North American Catnip entices play Made with recyclable materials and renewable resources
Petique Pet and Pets Tippy Peak Cat House
Pet and Pets Tippy Peak Eco Pet House is great for cats and other small animals. With not just one, but MULTIPLE fun scratch boards through and all around the house, your pets will be able to fulfill their natural...
Scratch-n-Lounge Cat Scratcher
Unique combination of a special sleep spot and irresistible scratch surface. Curvature design makes the lounger very comfortable for sleeping. Helps save your furniture since your pet will be drawn to the corrugated cardboard. All natural catnip attractant included for...
Kong Cat Scratcher Incline
Kong Company-Natural Scratcher Incline
Cat Scratcher by Kong
KONG Cat Scratchers will satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts, while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. KONG's environmentally friendly Cat Scratchers are made with renewable resources and are recyclable. Each pad is reversible for extended use. Includes catnip. 19.75"L x 5"W...
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Midwest Feline Nuvo Terrace
Sturdy "Terrace" Style Cat Tree | "Terrace" features a large removable lounging cat bed & sisal fabric cat scratching post, cat tree measures 15.95L x 15.75W x 16.54 Easy Maintenance Cat Tree | "Terrace" cat tree includes a removable drawstring...
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Midwest Feline Nuvo Cove
Sturdy Cat Activity "Cove" Style Cat Tree w/ Multi-Tier Design | "Cove" features a comfy hoop cat hammock, two cat scratching posts, 1 plush hanging play ball, removable cat bed & floor level cat hide-away cubby, cat tree measures 36.03L...
Midwest Feline Nuvo Carnival Cat Tree & Condo
Sturdy cat activity tree with multi-tier design perfect for any home with cats. 5-tier, multi-level cat tree features an ultra-soft faux fur with designer print fabric. Comes with a high-rise bolstered lounging perch, resting benches with sisal-wrapped supports and cubby...
Midwest Feline Nuvo Summit
MidWest Homes for Pets is pleased to announce the newest arrivals of our fine Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture line; the "Terrace", "Cove" & "Summit" style cat furniture! Each cat tree style features a removable lounging cat bed that can be...
WildCat Door Hanging Scratching Post
Ware WildCat Corrugated Door Hanger Cat Scratching Post saves your furniture from your cat's bad scratching behaviors.  Leopard print.
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